Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Swannies how I love ya

Didn't take one picture today. I'm working on a special project for a wedding this summer. So may I present... Swans!

Continuing the theme of how much traffic can a goose hold up, the winner is clearly this guy.

It's not pictured but it only finally moved on because a girl shooed it. We should all possess this much self confidence.

On golden pond:

Deb is still faithfully knitting.

Suddenly the whole clan realized we had corn and there was a mass regatta steaming toward us. I should have asked Melissa to use her camera to give you the scope of it or at least pulled my iPod out as my long lens couldn't take it in.

To be honest I was enjoying myself but freaking out because of the massive amount of gnats around (you'll see them in the next pictures). I was glad Melissa and the others would point out cool things that were happening - like this guy coming in full blast.

And then the corn was all gone :)

But the dancing had just begun.

So sweet!

All my bug worry was for nought as I only got one bite! I'd give the credit to my Off Clip On but I don't think I had the foil removed so... Oh well I'm happy either way.

Here's Emily's rocking new plastic cast.

We're sad because she's supposed to keep her hand as still as possible for 6 weeks and that means no actual swimming or water slides but the cast can get wet so I'm still hopeful she'll be able to keep me company in the wave pool if she takes it easy. Also I'm going to need a back up videographer for the many family events coming up. She can do a lot with one hand and an iPod so we'll keep her busy.


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