Saturday, 28 June 2014

Water cameras and air shows

Pictures from my water camera from yesterday.

Turns out the water camera does pretty well when there's sunshine involved - even on dry land.

Some precious grandma time.

My new editing fun can extend to jpeg files too.

This is the original:

There aren't always huge differences - colour tone and a bit of blurred background and after a while I become helpless to choose. I like them all.

Oh oh I just tried out a new app called tap n slice.

Ok I'll stop!

Today's air show wasn't too bad for Harry but he didn't last long on the porch. He was looking at the door...

as soon as these appeared.

The red birds were not only in the sky.

See the retreating tail?

I think there are three peanuts in there!

And no I don't feed them but I sure enjoy taking advantage of it when people do.


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