Sunday, 1 June 2014


Yes this is Harrison insisting on rolling right beside a big ant colony. Would not hear of moving.

He had a bit of a surprised look on his face when he moved over to his grate so I'm assuming he got a bite.

But this is Harry's main occupation these days. Hovering over the ever growing Chippie hole.

Really hoping he doesn't get bitten.

My new plant that Cooper and Henry brought over.

Okay so cherry blossoms at High Park on Thursday. I took a few pictures.

Actually I took just as many if not more magnolia pictures. I liked the blossoms as the background.

I took 3 exposures of each picture and usually picked one but I love that a bird flew through the middle of these three.

Sakura (blossom) time. Did you know you can eat cherry blossoms? You can read about it here.


Couldn't get too close to these trees or I really would have rolled down the hill :)

Okay one more stop on our Toronto day - stay tuned for the Rogers Centre.


Next Bond villain:

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