Saturday, 21 June 2014


I had two very special visitors today. My niece Heather and her daughter Lizzy are visiting from Scotland.

Harry knew I was excited.

So we burned off our nervous energy playing peacock feather.

I made it about 2 minutes after they arrived before I picked up a camera. Quite restrained I thought.

If you want a smile just give her one.

I am for sure no baby photographer. But it was sure fun to try!

We decided that a hand in the picture was a lot better than this:

Hi flower. I wanna eat you:

Next up, Lizzy took on a peony.

Don't worry they're non toxic and Heather prevented any actual ingestion.

Lizzy 1 Peony 0!


You wanna piece of me Petunia?

She came away from the encounter with a leaf between her toe.

That's it for today, editing power depleted for now. Such a good day!


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