Friday, 13 June 2014

Duck duck goose

I think this picture of Lorelai needs to be the lead today. Adorable!

On the way out of Paris yesterday I noticed a strange looking tree. Thought maybe it was seriously ill.

Here's the story.

And here are the pictures with the geese from Waterloo park yesterday. We still have squirrels and ducks and deer and llamas and chickens to go.

I don't know what this face was about but there was no biting. More likely because he wasn't allowed to eat the cactus flower off the ground.

And all was well in three seconds.

This happened.

Watch it for the geese then watch it to see the beautiful freedom to experience and yet safety Dana gives Cooper at the same time. Plus also the helping hand via the throwing in of distracting food by Grandpa.

A goose ate out of Coop's hand too:

Today's wildlife was on my porch.

Harry had Chippy treed behind the snow shovel at one point but he was pretty calm about losing him.

It was my perfect weather day. Partly cloudy 22 degrees and windy enough to blow the bugs around.

Waited for the cloud to pass.

I like how the bug garden feels like it's under water.

One of my favorite pictures from today. Buttercup TV:

The benches are really just decorative since only people who want to be eaten alive would sit for any length of time in the bug-ararium.

Almost open :)

The good news is that our friend Emma made it into competitive dance! Yay!

The not so good news is that Emily hurt her thumb while practicing a gymnastics move.

I like that she's is wearing stripes and so is her hand. Pirate strong!

Harry had lots of turtles for her.

They stopped in tonight after seeing the doctor who wants her to have it x-rayed tomorrow. Fingers and toes and everything else crossed that it's not broken. We want to swim this summer!

Emily reports that it's feeling a little bit better since using ice on it. And when she's not using ice, this monkey that my friend Kathy made is helping keep it as comfy as possible.

Emily will make it through no matter what cause she is a strong girl!

Big day tomorrow. Lots of photo ops. But then that's true of every day!


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