Wednesday, 11 June 2014

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Stellar day. Just a few pictures tonight. Lots more tomorrow.

We started with my nephew Sean's art show in the morning.

Sean is deaf and his vision is severely impaired but he's quite an artist.

Dana bought this cool picture for Cooper's room.

We also had a great tour of the amazing building that I'll show you tomorrow, then we had lunch with Sean. Sean and Cooper don't quite know how to hang out together yet but they bonded over crayons.

You can see the artist at work by clicking here.

I love the delicate moves.

I read that Picasso used to draw sketches on napkins to pay for his meals. We should have given it a go!

Then it was time for fun at the park where I naturally took an insane amount of pictures. Here are a few.

We had our own personal pair of mallard ducks and the same two squirrels never left our sides. We were giving them cactus flower snacks from the health food store which were a big hit and eventually this happened:

It was pretty magical.

I know it's not good that the squirrels are so tame but they weren't sick, just over socialized and were no match for Henry Dana and Cooper's pied piper vibes. I don't have a picture of this but one of the squirrels jumped in the bag behind me on my rollator while I was taking pictures of its partner in front of me.

After I got home from the park Harry had a porch sit and later Karen Caleb Emily and I ate at our favorite Chinese place.

Not sure how those kids learn with those yummy smells next door.

Then we headed to Belgian Nursery to buy Harry's porch grass and some peacock feathers for him to play with.

That's where we met Marley.

Marley is an excellent chatter and peek a boo-er! You can see that if you click here.

When we got back to my place karen planted these:

While Emily showed me that she can do cartwheels now!

See four in a row here!

She's still working on the hand stands and Caleb was spotting her.

Everybody cross your fingers for Emily's friend (and mine) Emma.

She had try outs tonight for competition dancing. Good luck Emma!

Swimming was great too but I took absolutely no pictures because truly I had taken enough!


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