Monday, 16 June 2014

The Lizzy has landed

Heather and Lizzy arrived safe and sound apparently causing our weather to warm up considerably!

Their days and nights might be mixed up for a little while so hoping they have a good rest tonight.

Our other news is that Emily does in fact have a fracture in her hand. She has an appointment with Ortho tomorrow morning. Hoping this will bring her some relief. She's been really brave. Hang in there Emily!

More Cooper at the park fun tonight.

Anyone else having Say yes to the dress flashbacks?

We waved bye bye for pretty much the last 10 minutes.

Still to come - squirrels!

Tonight was Father's Day pizza dinner across the way.

Dora preferred hers facing up!

Found a new bird after dinner. Just looked it up, it's a Cedar Waxwing!

Again, quite a challenge to shoot in amongst the leaves but you can just see the little drop of red (wax) on its wing in the first picture.

Kinda neat that I heard a call that I knew wasn't a robin or starling or cardinal then I saw the yellow belly.

Harry loves the purple grass almost as much as the catnip.

If I want a picture like this all I do is say "ready to go?"

And there's my answer.

A picture of me that Melissa or Caleb took of me on Saturday. I like it!


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