Thursday, 26 June 2014

Good news about ML & graduation part 2

Midnight is not the time to start blogging when I have an early morning call to my first time this year at Bingeman's Spashworks whoot! With Lizzy no less! Double whoot!

However I just want to post the rest of the pictures from Emily's graduation and tell you that Mary Lynn's white blood cells (hopefully Jim's actually) have climbed from pretty much the bargain basement to 4! It's been a long time coming and it's nice to let the breath out that we've been holding for what seems forever. I mean there's still other things that need to come along but this is really good and now she can see Rebekah!


You can see most of the following pictures set to Emily singing the song she sang at the school talent show. The production values consist of me recording her singing while we were driving in the van but still she's awesome.

Click here to see it.

Her music teacher said she blew everyone away at the talent show.

Just a few cat walking pictures today.


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