Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Lupines and birthday cake

Love these inside out looking leaves.

My goal these days is to get around the building without getting bitten. I'm not afraid of minus 21 but no see-um gnats bring me to my knees.

And yeah I know about the hot spoon on the bug bite thing but that only works for a bit and you have to be careful you're not just adding a burn to the mix.

I do want to try this thing:

So far no flowers on the Tulip tree.

These lupines have come along in the last few days.

The sun was literally going in and out between shots.

Tonight I attended a quarterly birthday birthday party in my building. I thought I was just there to take pictures but it turns out April was part of the mix too :) Most of the pictures are on Facebook but here are a few.

Geri's a very nice neighbour truly she is:

We came, we ate, we conquered.


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