Monday, 29 June 2015

Sunny day & chasing rain

Today was our first day at Bingemans for the season. I made a movie with all my pictures and video of me being born feet first from a water slide that you can see here:

It was pretty chilly after two cool days of rain. 

But we had a super time!

You don't often see round clouds like this. 

Later Tilly and Harry had a bit of a show down. 

It's good for Harrison to meet up with active friends like Tilly. 

Tilly was ready for a happy play session. 

Harry thought not and became a snob. 

Trust me if Tilly was another cat Harry would be the activity instigator. They'll work it out and be super cute doing it. Tilly goes for a hair cut soon. Stay tuned!

I need to post my pictures from yesterday because I'm getting pretty far behind! I can remember when I have more Toronto or knitting day pictures to post but not individual ordinary days. 

I spent a lot of time out in the rain on Sunday trying to get the rain to show in the pictures. Not easy but fun. I visited Bea and Martin's roses again. 

Harry mad cause it's raining but I was proud that he managed to come out later. 

Last of the peonies. 

Blurring to try to catch the rain. Didn't work but I like them anyway. 

It's raining pretty hard here but he knows I'll dry him off and seems to enjoy that. 

It's normal to sit in the driveway and take pictures of puddles right?

Whew. Thanks for hanging in there!