Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Chippie power

My good blogging app is on vacation again but I'm pretty okay with this one except the pictures are smaller than I'd like. 

These little white moths are tricky to get. 

Time to say goodbye to the last Irises. 

You can see the difference...

turning a little can make. Same settings as above. 

It was cool enough to sit for quite a while. The sparrows don't care that I'm there. 

The cardinal was too manic to pose today. 

And this chippy was very conflicted as to whether I was a threat or not but couldn't really stay away. 

Skinny youngster:

Harrison had a mostly indoor recess today because the lawn mowers were out. 

A very happy weed:

Harry did get out in the evening. Never gives up on trying to go into Chris's garden. Not going to happen buddy. 

Better get to bed early, tomorrow is a knee checkup in London and Emily's big end of year party. Will be cool to see all the decorating changes up there!


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