Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Two June days

Henry and Al are home safely in Canada and Heather and Gary and Lizzy are back in Scotland. I like when my people travel but I like when they are home too. 

Here are the pictures from various walks over the last two days while I've tested my bug guard methods. 

The bottom line is that the bug clothing is incredibly hot and I'll be wearing the head one this winter when I take pictures in the cold because it totally blocks wind - pretty much better than a nylon jacket and you can see through it. However it does work really well at stopping all bugs so far. I got it from Lee Valley.com

I suspect I'll be mixing and matching the clothing depending on the time of day and whether I'm being walked by a dilly dallying cat or not. 

Love this fluffy tree. 

The rose bush with the rose sisters from two years ago is much happier than last summer. 

Tilley and Zee's roses are doing well too. 

As well as my favourites behind 239. 

Cranesbill or Hardy geraniums- thanks Gini for that name. 

Regular or storksbill geraniums:

Supposed to be less hardy. Annuals taken in in the fall but these babies have certainly not been mollycoddled like that. They are on their own and thriving. 

Mad again cause I won't let him in Chris's garden:

Happy to be out for a second walk in the evening. 

Today's peony. 

You have to wait patiently for these guys:

Stand off:

Love the late light I can get out and see now with bug protection. Even if it's hitting the garbage bin area. 

It's not light for catching squirrels in the shade. 

Unless they practically sit right beside you. 


Tilley was happy to see me and Harry ran right over to Susan!

Then he got all cool again. 

And we went for the longest walk this year. Right over to the bug garden because twilight is his prime walking time. Easier to skulk. 

Royally ticked because I wanted to go home. I need gloves yet. Got one bite on my unprotected pinky finger but overall a great couple of days!


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