Monday, 8 June 2015

A bridge for the hoi polloi, gelato and soggy unconcerned squirrels

Henry answered my request for gelato pictures. More in a bit!

Today I had a Skype view of the gardens of this mansion. 

The guys thought there might be some shade but it was mostly 100 acres of statues and really hot! So they moved from shade spot to shade spot and drank lots of water. 

I love this picture. I like to think that the young Farnham nephews might have scaled it and Emily would help it moisturize:

I wonder if it was once part of a huge statue?

My tour:

The brothers climbed up to the top of this tower!

To see the Duomo 

And Al got a blessing from a statue. 

This is a two storey walkway that some rich political guy had built so he wouldn't have to see or be seen by the Hoi palloi when he walked home from parliament. I think he's the guy that owned the Pitting mansion of the statue gardens. 

More walkway. Full of jewelry shops now. He wouldn't allow shops like butchers or black smiths in his time because they were too smelly. I'm assuming no one poured their slop pails out his windows either!

A shop where they sell things from the mansion:

I don't think the brothers will be bringing anything home in their backpacks from it. But jewellery for their wives would fit nicely on the way home ;-)

But most importantly Henry heard my request for a more in depth study of the gelato shop!

You're welcome! I've never actually had gelato, for some reason I thought it was like sorbet, but I'm a convert now without having even a taste. 

This was their lunch today:

Tomorrow they head out towards Cinque Terre - a string of 5 villages on the side of cliffs. Hold on to your hats because it's scenery like no other!

In other news look what Emily did today!

Wow. Well done!!!!

I got outside in time to enjoy a little rain. 

So did the bugs but I was suited up. 

Our squirrels get really active when it rains. 

This fellow was studiously unconcerned by my presence. 

The rain did nothing for his bald spot. 


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