Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tickle monsters

Some cute pictures from our Toronto day. Cooper and Ava tickled each other into the giggles. 

Let's see if it works to add the link to the video here. It's pretty cute:

If not its on my Facebook wall. 

Today my eye specialist in London said my eyes are excellent as far as glaucoma goes and then I came home and wore long socks, hat, two Off fans, a coat and sat taking pictures in the parking lot instead of the insect infected grass to avoid being bitten by bugs. I'm sure the sunny side staff chalked me up to the full moon!

Occurred to me that I don't have to only take pictures of the birds on the actual bird feeders. The feeders are going to disappear into the underbrush soon anyway but they give me a chance to track the birds into the trees. Otherwise they are almost impossible to find. 

I liked that the sun was only lighting up one:


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