Friday, 5 June 2015

Brothers abroad and blasts from the past

Aaaaaand they're off!

My brother Henry (he of the 65th birthday toga party) and my brother Al are on a plane to Italy. Actually they are waiting for their pilot to show up as I write this and then they're off. 

Not sure if Italy is ready for this pair, but as Karen said it looks like Henry has talking with his hands down pat!

Henry has promised us lots of pictures even some blog exclusives. Probably anything to stop the toga pictures although you have to admit I've been very restrained in my sharing of them :-)

Anyway Henry has been planning this trip for a long time and I'm super excited for them and to share it with you too. They are going to some of the most beautiful places on the planet!  Stay tuned!

I didn't take many pictures today. The promised rain didn't really show up other than a few droplets. 

A while ago I was looking for a certain picture, got lost and found lots of others instead. Here they are in no particular order:

Cat beard!

Emily and Ava:

They are only 9 month apart even though Emily is my niece and Ava and Olivia are my great nieces. Well really they are all great as are all my nieces and nephews blood related and honorary!

My friend Gerry

and her great grandson Ryan. 

Little Karen in Florida. Can't believe Mom didn't get more of the elephant in the picture. Someone else must have taken it because Mom rarely took a picture with only one purpose. 

Caleb as a cute little cub:

Caleb's classmates had a grand time in a friend's mud pit. 

Meanwhile Emily was having none of it!

The boys cleaned up pretty well. 

So cute. 

There's no escaping a bit of pain when you look back:

No point in avoiding it. Just have to try to enjoy seeing her so happy. 


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