Saturday, 6 June 2015

Florence and the machine

The brothers have landed in Florance Italy. They arrived before their luggage but waited at the airport for it to fly in on the next plane and they arrived downtown in time for an evening walk. 

You can follow their adventure in Henry's travel blog here:

Henry and Al are both good at taking pictures so you are going to want to bookmark it. 

So far it looks like they are bigger than the machines!

While they waited at the airport for their luggage they practiced their selfie faces in front of a painting...

Just a tad more smile Henry...

and tested out Al's transformer pants. 

 Have so much fun guys!

Today I was out in FULL bug-battle gear. We're talking hat, coat, long socks, two bug fans, and snow pants. 

You heard me. Snow pants. Worked too! I may be asked to move over to the secure ward sooner than later but I don't have any fresh bug bites and I was in the bug garden for quite a while. Not sure it'll work in warmer weather but it got me out today. 

I took a lot of bird pictures as I'm working on something to thank the people who put in the bird and squirrel feeders. 

I wish I could convey how funny it is to see how much these sparrows spit and fling. 

Both up and down!

Happy to follow a Cedar Waxwing today. Of all the birds I see around here they remind me the most of fish. 

It's tricky taking pictures of birds in leafy trees. I have to focus manually and my subjects don't exactly sit still. Fun to try though!

And I'll just pretend I meant for the pictures to be a little out of focus. 


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