Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Emily's end of school year party

Today Anne picked me up and we headed to London for my two year out of knee surgery check up. Other than possibly watching an elderly gentleman pass away while I waited for my X-ray it went really well. They called an efficient code blue, whisked him away, and a mere hour and a half later I was out of X-ray and down to my 3 minute visit with my surgeon's intern. I admit I showed off a bit and didn't use my cane to walk around the hospital. Turns out my leg is telling me it's not quite ready for that yet but hey, you don't know if you don't try. Paul the intern was pleased with the results of my X-ray and away we went up to play with bubbles. Spell check wanted me to write Bibles there but as far as I know there were no Bibles harmed at this party. 

There were however a lot of bubbles. And water balloons. And happy girls, but you'll only see us because posting other people's kids without permission isn't cool. 

I took some Whiskers pictures first because I knew he wouldn't be around much during the party. He did make one brave pass through the water soaked back yard. 

Those water balloons were gone in about 10 minutes and a steady supply was manufactured throughout the party. This little device worked pretty well except for the fact that it was missing the top handle part and we should have had three. It ties them too which was cool. 

Anne brought Emily some cool purple bubbles. 

And Caleb used them for target practice. 

Also his sister. 

That's one of those caught just before impact pictures. 

Grape juice bubble:

Karen is the coolest mom ever. 

Caleb knows how to rock a kiddie pool. 

Yeomom's work:

We hadn't had much success convincing invincible 12 year olds to put sunscreen on and there was a lot of pasty white skin. I'm not really proud of this but I took my pizza leftover and the sun screen over to them and suggested that if they didn't want their skin to look like this when they are 45 they might want to apply some protection. 

That got about half of them so I feel good about that. 

A badminton racquet makes a great bubble wand. 

Meanwhile back at the fun manufacturing sweatshop:

I decided I wanted to get wet and Caleb was happy to assist. 

Great party Emily. Happy summer!

So yeah back at the hummingbird ranch I was just getting started taking pictures of wingless birds...

When Batman cat decided he needed to get in touch with nature. 

My friend Geri's pretty porch:


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