Sunday, 7 June 2015

Super heroes and tiger swallowtails

First of all if you want to see some really cool (clear) pictures of Florence, remember to go directly to Henry's travel blog:

Not sure why that link is not working tonight. 

The brothers are doing a really good job of taking us with them to Italy. They skyped with a bunch of us today. I thoroughly enjoyed my stroll down the street even though we couldn't really talk. 

But even the blurry closed gelato stand was exciting!

Maybe we can commission some clear pictures of this stand for our enjoyment!

The brothers weren't sure what they are not supposed to do on their street:

Turns out its a street artist named Clet Abraham who sneaks out at night and changes signs creatively with stickers. I'd seen it spoken of online but cool that the brothers experienced it organically. Although they showed me how narrow their sidewalk and streets are and how quickly the cars whizz down them and maybe any signs should be naked as the day they were born. 

It's hot in Florence and there are no screens on the windows of their B & B much less AC but I like that they are getting the real feel of the place and I like that I'm enjoying it from my easy chair in front of my air conditioner. 

Keep up the good touristing guys!

Today Cooper and Dana brought me to church. It was Cooper's first time at Creekside kid's program and he was a little sad at the end when he saw another kid being picked up first so next time Dana will pick him up sooner but overall he says that he had fun and wants to go again. Dana says the lesson must have been about people because that was his word for the rest of the day. 

I was happy that Cooper liked the super hero dolls I found for him in Buffalo. 

One for each cup holder :-)

The heroes did a lot of flying. Cooper knows that Grandpa went on a plane and was chatting about that on the way to church. I can't believe all the words he's using these days. Henry always sends me lots of pictures of Harry when I'm away so I hope he enjoys these pictures of Coop. 

Thought I should show you what I look like geared up for the bug garden these days. 

Sadly you can't quite get the full effect of the snow pants. I have a lead on what might be some lighter weight clothes but since a lot of them are orange for people who work outside I'm not sure I'll be any less conspicuous. I don't really care. I just want to go outside. I got attacked by gnats just walking to Dana's car this morning in less than 15 seconds. 

I think Harry is learning that if he wants to go for a walk he has to see me suited up. That doesn't mean he'll actually step off the porch. 

Considering going for a walk...

Decision made. 

Walking is very serious. 

But there's always time to drop and roll for joy. 

And definitely time to smell the evergreens. 

I dropped Harry off and headed out by myself. I like the Russian building look of these little roses. 

Can you see the Tiger Swallowtail in this picture?

Sometimes I can't decide on the crop:

Mr and Mrs Tiger decided to get together for um, coffee. 

We'll just draw the curtain there for a bit. 

I was pretty far away and couldn't quite get the jewel tones in focus. 


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