Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Madama butterfly

Today I had a little visit from Mary Lynn. Well technically it was a White Admiral or Red-spotted Purple butterfly but it was a lovely moment. 

I wasn't going to go out taking pictures today because it was swimming night plus I had the dentist and Costco to walk through but Harry did this cute thing when he was out on the porch where he comes to the door like he wants to come in but when I open the door he rushes out towards the lawn making it very clear he wants me to come out and take him for a walk. So I suited up in my long socks, snow pants, coat and two OFF mosquito fans against the gnats and we headed out. 

Our friendly neighbourhood chippie was happily scolding us from on high. 

And so were the sparrows. 

Harrison was busily trying to convince me it would be ok to go in Chris's flowerbed

When this White Admiral appeared. They are also called Red-spotted Purple butterflies and are often apparently none of those colours. 

At first I was just madly taking pictures because I had no idea how long I'd see it. 

But then it stopped a few feet away from me and posed. So close that with my long lens I had to actually back away for it to be in focus. 

And I thought of ML as I often do when wildlife poses for me and I thought of her and how much she enjoyed butterflies. 

I was mentally composing this blog entry as I was taking the pictures. 

When it flew over toward Harry. 

And I thought how great to get him in the shot too! And then the whole lovely visit from ML came to a screeching halt like an old record-scratch sound effect.

As the mighty hunter pounced!

And pinned the butterfly. 

True to form there was no biting, more patting really and he has no front claws. But I intervened anyway. 

It flew away, so a slightly happier ending than the opera and Harry hopped after it in such a comical bunny hop that a lady was laughing from the sidewalk. So we're going to believe that the butterfly is fine even though it got cat stomped and take this as a lesson not to take things too seriously. Still and all, from this angle, tell me you don't see the hearts from ML?

Then my friend and sister in law Mary came and picked me up for the dentist. I had to have a tooth filled. Since it was a baby tooth - yes I still have two of them - they asked if I'd like to try it without freezing and I said yes. It was fine, no pain and no pesky numbness. For the last half though I could feel my sweat band sloooooowly travelling up my head. I could just picture it finally popping off hilariously in the middle of a drilling part. Luckily there was a break in action before that happened and I whisked it off safely. 

So the plan had been to find some gelato but we just headed over to the marble slab creamery. 

I had lemon in honour of all the lemons grown around Cinque Terre, well and cheesecake and chocolate. I don't think gelato could be any better. Though it could certainly be cheaper. Thanks Mary!

Then Karen and the kids came and we headed to Costco and back here for some crokinole on their new Willard-made board and new gymnastic moves. Those pictures tomorrow. 

I love how the light was coming in at the pool. 

I didn't see that Emily was making hearts with her hands till later because I forgot my goggles and so was shooting blind. 

Meanwhile in Corniglia the brothers had breakfast at the bar that their bed and breakfast hosts own. Cappuccino and fresh baked pastry every day. 

Today they saw all 5 Cinque Terre towns via boat, train and hiking. 

The trail is literally one step outside their front door. 

Apparently there are lemons everywhere just slightly out of reach except at the market. 

Not the good camera yet!

Last night's dinner:

And last but not least from yesterday, Henry forgot his hat but found a splendid one along the way. Al helped him fashion air holes and they were all set. Makes me almost feel normal in my snow pants. 

Tonight I skyped with the brothers since it was already morning there. This is their view:

And this is what I heard:

Up until 20 years ago it would have been real people ringing them. 

And this was their breakfast for today. Let's see what they get up to today!


They were NOT:

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