Sunday, 28 June 2015

Toronto part 1

I've driven by the Toronto lake shore often but never had the chance to stop until Friday. 

Milton gorilla saying Lets go Blue Jays!

We stopped not long after this pretty bridge. 

This ship was pretty far out...

As you can see or not see in this iPod picture:

These sailboats had me back in Halifax. Not that I really saw any in Halifax, but you know, the whole bluenose thing. 

I've been wanting to see a red wing black bird and this guy just basically plonked himself on a branch right in front of me. 

Earlier Henry checked a map along the pathway but there was no indication of where we were so not tremendously helpful. We found the washrooms anyway and when we did we found this:

So helpful. 

Now we're back in the car driving around getting the odd honk when we dallied too much. 

Elvis and the Colonel outside the casino?

Love this building:

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport through a windshield. 

Love that the CN tower is the tiny one. 

That's it for now, lots more at the game. 

Gotta go to bed - first visit to Bingemans to swim tomorrow!


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