Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Emily the energetic!

Today Emily and I did a little photo shoot. I love Wednesdays. And I love her energy!

The light and motion made for missing limbs but I like the pictures anyway. 

We braved the mosquitoes briefly. 

And Matt got to meet Tilly!

Harry would approve of grate standing. 

Emily was running up the sidewalk then jumping up and I never did catch her in the air but again, I love the pictures anyway. Watch her shadow having fun too!

Love this girl :-)

I wasn't going to go out for a walk today because it was swim night but it was a really beautiful19 degrees and windy, so I donned my anti bug gear and headed over to the bug garden. 

My favorite little rose bush is starting business. 

This little sparrow was a great seed spitter. 

The Irises were on fire today. 

I have made a bit of peace with this Blogger app. At least I now know how to load pictures in the order I want. Yay! Still can't move them around but it's a start. 


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