Monday, 15 June 2015

Lizzy does Pisa

Well fraptious day! My good old blogger plus app is alive and kicking again! That means I can give you a proper link to Henry's blog! Click here to see it.

You can see their Pisa pictures and a few from their whirlwind tour of Rome today. But be extra sure to see this reflections entry where he followed the sun down and captured the bridge in Florence. We tried to skype one more time just now but Skype is apparently very tired and ready to send Henry home. Al has already left for the airport as he has an earlier flight.

In the meantime Lizzy had a great day in Pisa.

Truly if all there was were curbs to step up and down on and pigeons to feed she'd be a happy little camper but these pictures will be precious to her when she's grown. She is for sure a great traveler.

When in Pisa...

Word on the street was wrong, Al did have a go at shoring the place up a few days ago!

But I think Gary had the most success!

Lizzy hasn't quite got the hang of throwing food to birds but runs after them trying to hand it to them instead. She tried to share her water as well!

I like this little round building very much.

So our armchair travels in Italy are nearly done for now but Henry's son Todd is in Israel right now and has sent us some beautiful pictures of the hanging gardens there so we have that to look forward to!

This is the big news around here:

First place with her relay team. Her school swept all the relay events! Well done!

Also even closer to home I got my new bug suit in the mail. Tell you about it tomorrow cause I'm pretty tired. Could have something to do with the bacon caesar I had while out with the girls tonight.


These are the few pictures I am legally permitted to post:

By legally I mean unless I want the other pictures of me posted too :-)


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