Monday, 1 June 2015

More rain rain rain and baby cutie Emily

Ok still trying to get my mind around this Blogger app. I have no idea what reasoning it uses in regard to the order and placement of pictures so it's a bit of an adventure. The sadly lamented Blogger Plus app that they don't make anymore was a thing of beauty and gave complete control. You could move pictures and text around at will. 

Anyway I hope you enjoy the rest of my pictures from yesterday. 

Sometimes the blurry shadow is the star. 

After the rain Harry and I went out rainbow hunting. We didn't find one but the sky was pretty. 

Today was still nice but warm enough unfortunately to bring back the low flying aircraft called mosquitoes so it was a quick walk. 

Emily asked me to find this next picture but of course I got lost and found a bunch more. 

Orr's (my) glasses:


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