Thursday, 18 June 2015

Do Do Do looking out Pari's back door

The other day my friend Pari picked me up and we hung out in her back yard with the birds and the chippy. Well first we had the best fish and chips.

I brought along all my bug gear but turns out I didn't need any! Apparently not everywhere in this city is awash in bugs like here. Amazing!

While we waited for the humming birds to show up we were entertained by some goldfinches.

Chippy mooning us:

We were wishing for the brighter male finch and got this look.

What. I'm not good enough for you?

Thanks so much Pari!

Harry had another really good walk tonight. Having the bug suit is making a big difference because I can go out in the evening when he is most comfortable skulking and wait around for him to get going.

I'm afraid this little moth is no longer with us.

Wasn't sure he was going to take off but sure enough away we went.

Full sun when we took off but a clear line of clouds rolling in.

We made it further around the building than ever, taunted Tilly and Zee for a bit, then moved on and found this fantastic post:

Not sure how long the walk home would have taken if it hadn't started raining.

Turns out he likes being towel dried. He came over for another round after I thought I was done. Hoping we can keep up the long evening walks!


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