Friday, 19 June 2015

Haifa hanging gardens and a Chippy showdown

Remember I told you Henry's son Todd was sharing the Mediterranean last week? He was working in Haifa Isreal. He's a computer engineer who helps businesses all over the world with the software he helps the company he works for write. He had a day off and went to see the Bahá'í Gardens on Mount Carmel. Surprisingly they are not ancient- designed in 1987 and open to the public since 2001.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures Todd and yes apparently he does subscribe to the same low key smiling while traveling camp as his dad :-)

Speaking of Henry don't forget to keep checking his blog here as he continues to add pictures from his good camera.

It was a beautiful day around here.

Tilly rose:

Wonder if that's Tilly's middle name? Tilly Rose. Naw it's probably Tilly The Cute. Tilly The Bubble Of Happiness. Tilly The Could Not Be Gladder To See You. So many options!

Today I saw a hummingbird at my neighbours feeder so I was inspired to finally put mine out. Hoping to create a fast food alley for them.

Al says that the hummingbirds they saw in Italy were really tiny. Smaller than a toonie! He thought it was a bee at first.

Fun to try to figure out the best angle.

Harry was not in the mood for a long walk today but we had some excitement anyway.

Pansy camouflage.

Creeping closer and closer.

Too close as it turns out. Harry suddenly pounced and no one was more surprised than he was when he actually touched the chippy. No worries, there was no harm done and chippy quickly ran up the drain pipe.

The mighty hunter suddenly needed to rush inside to use the litter box because he is, when all is said and done, a city cat. Sometimes I wonder if I should ask him if he needs to go potty before we go out.

Oh wow! Just realized that sometimes after I put the leash on he heads in the wrong direction across the living room and I never understand because I know for certain that he doesn't want to go into the inside hall. I wonder if he's trying to use the litter box first when he does that? Worth a try!

Anyway you can see his rush here.

My third walk:


I don't like to cast aspersions but this chippy might be making a rude gesture at us while pretending to scratch it's nose.

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