Thursday, 11 June 2015

CHEEN-kweh TEHR-reh, gymnastics and crokinole

Let's try again with a link to Henry's travel blog. Hopefully one of these will work. If not cut and paste is your friend. I've downloaded a new blogging app but 2 am is not the time of day to start something new.

But we have some this-blog exclusive pictures too among the ones I'm going to post tonight. 

This is the trail right in front of the brother's door:

It goes through Cinque Terre in varying forms. 

Henry says this area passing through a vineyard is the super highway version:

I don't think you can drive on roads between all five villages, certainly not easily, but walking is not the only way to get around. You can take a train or boat too. 

I found some more info here:

Where I found out I've been saying it all wrong. Apparently it's pronounced "CHEEN-kweh TEHR-reh" 

Anyway the brothers went on another boat tour today. 

There's been some discussion as to wether these are the two escaped prisoners from the states but I said only if they were in jail for stealing basil gelato. Before Cinque Terre it was mostly Al that was into gelato but then Henry discovered basil flavoured gelato (urk) and all bets were off. If they made an anchovy pesto flavour I'm nor sure he'd ever come home!

The view of Corniglia as they pass by. 

I would have cropped out the people on this one too but I'm in love with the guy who just simply doesn't care anymore. 

Back to the trails. 

The view from breakfast:

Al found some pasta today but Henry can't quit anchovies:

Coming home to Corniglia:

The brothers are doing really great with all these steps and walking. I think the 60's must be the new 20's!

As promised Emily's newest gymnastic moves. She can not only make a bridge but then move her hands and feet closer and then continue on! I didn't get her best one because, you know, I didn't have my bug armour on. 

But we got some cool pictures. 

So awesome!

This is the new crokinole board made by craftsman Willard 

Karen looks a little concerned as well she should as Caleb and I shellacked them but Emily got more twentys than I did :-)

My big news today is that I've ordered this:

That should be a treat to see! Luckily it's been breezy enough so far that I haven't passed out in my winter clothes. 

The lawn work people were out in earnest today because they are holding a big walk and roll fundraising event here on Saturday and guess what? Our photography club is taking pictures. I'm really excited! It'll be a big day for me because after that we have our annual knit in public event in Stratford and then a campfire and fireworks in Shakespeare! So yeah, one or two pictures might be taken!

The little rose bush bloomed today:

One of the landscapers tweaked a leaf for me. It has never occurred to me to move anything on a plant for a picture but I have to admit it made a better picture with the bud showing. Nice of her to help. 

Today's butterfly or possibly moth. 


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