Thursday, 25 June 2015


If I go outside with the idea of getting awesome pictures every day it sets a poor precedent. 

The plan is to simply go outside and see what happens. I might not get a great hummingbird photo but, like today, the male woodpecker was excited about fresh peanuts, the roses were happy and I ran into some lovely new friends in the bug garden who have seen my blog of thanks for the bird feeders. They told me they just filled up the feeders for me and that means I finally got a picture of the sparrows flamboyantly flinging seeds about like there is no tomorrow which will bring the ground birds and squirrels. Apparently gratitude works. 

It makes me very happy that the thankyou post with some of my best photos is being shared throughout Sunnyside. I won't deny that I like the attention but I'm also really happy that it's helping raise the awareness of our little secret garden. They might put some of my pictures on the e-board and I hope that will bring the garden inside to people unable to enjoy it in person. 

For those of you who don't know, I live on a campus of buildings that range from people like me who live unassisted (well besides my loving family and friends) all the way to buildings where people need complete care. 

The starving sparrows in Africa are apparently on their own. 

I creep closer and closer...

till I cross the line. 


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