Sunday, 31 January 2016

Lizzy is two!

There was a little birthday celebration for Lizzy today! 

Heather's talented sister in law Maxine made this beautiful cake!

This is a spirited two year old photo shoot from last week. 

Lizzy loves her little pink puppy Sausage Tail. 

Sausage tail suddenly needed to explore under the bear chair. 

Happy birthday sweet girl! Grandma Anne is on her way tomorrow for a visit :-)

Lots of birds out today. Look at those claws!

Blue Jays need sun to look blue. 

This Cardinal was not to bright either. 

But the House Finches were hanging around in better light. 

First goldfinch with colour I've seen in a while. 

This was an interesting interaction. The black squirrel had a peanut and the bottle-brush tailed squirrel did not. 

He considered a sneak attack. 

But decided on a more direct approach. 

Bit of a gloat afterward.