Friday, 15 January 2016

Cat on a cold toe porch

There was not a tremendous lot that caught my eye today on my walk. Missing the sun and my hibernating friends but lo and behold Harry stepped up!

He couldn't really find any grass to eat

So he resorted to the grass plant. 

Apparently it did the trick

And yes I've tried indoor cat grass. He pulls it out by the root and leaves it there. I guess he's on the organic bandwagon and only outdoor grass is for eating. 

Before we went in he needed to wash some salt out of his toes. 

And shake off the cold. 

He is determined not to have more than three feet touching the cold ground at a time. 

A few pictures from my walk earlier

Some ice squirrels 

The only real squirrel I saw today

I forgot to tell you that Graycee won Miss August in a Purina calendar contest with this picture I took a few years ago. Dana wrote a really good story to go with it.  I know that's maybe the better picture but

I love this one too.  


This is one of the few reasons I'm on Twitter:

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