Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The squirrel Cafe

I have a lot of squirrel friends now at the picnic table. But Notches is always one of the first. Turns out there are at least 4 WBs because one day they were all there at the same time so Notches is really the only one I can ID for certain because of her ear but she's also bigger and more rust coloured. 

It's quite a challenge to take pictures of black animals but the sun brought out the brown which helps. 

All of a sudden one guy climbed up a tree and started a huge warning hue and cry. 

Everyone ducked and covered 

And hung upside down for a while. Not sure why upside down is safer. 

But it was back to eating soon. 

Notches buried some peanuts 

And came back for more. 

Harry likes the new carpet. 

But loves having the old one on the porch. 


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