Monday, 18 January 2016

Two days of snow birds

I have had a great great time out in the snow these past few days. Which means I have one or two pictures :-)

The new wolf hat is working well. 

Still a little colour here. 

Taking pictures when it's snowing hard and having fogged up glasses makes for a lot of deleting but also a lot of happy surprises. 

This is kind of what the naked eye sees of the cardinals. 

They often sit in the middle of foliage but their colour gives them away. With other birds it's just movement. It means you have to focus manually because the camera has no idea if you want a bird or leaf or a snowy twig. 

Tough guy asking if you want a piece of him?

Did I mention fogged up glasses and manual focus? Still kinda like it. 

Pretty sure this is a female downy woodpecker. 

My attention was drawn by this chickadee. I can't get over how they rolly polly spin down trees instead of fly. 

I wonder if it's just more fun. 

Apparently woodpeckers drill for sap - sign of spring?

A house finch hanging with a lady Cardinal was one of my favourite pictures of the day. 

Mr Red was in the picture as well. Looks like a game of telephone. 

Dark-eyed juncos:

Earlier I was trying out something with my lenses and kept a few of the tests. 

Today was even snowier. I've learned to wear a scarf because I need to keep my top coat open to stick the camera in when the birds aren't posing. Don't worry I have another coat on underneath. 

I was happy to see some squirrels out back because I can't get over to the gazebo in this snow. My girls are hibernating anyway. 

Fly away home. 

Today's favourites. 


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