Saturday, 16 January 2016

Flat out fun

Sean is up for a visit to Cooper's house this weekend. Karen had the good idea to go swimming. The pool doesn't allow cameras so I snapped a few pictures beforehand. 

Sean did really well in the pool. He was very relaxed and floated around happily. 

Deborah had the good idea to go for sushi after swimming so that's what we did. 

This made me laugh. Crab on Pringles. But it was really good. 

Seaweed salad with crab is my favourite. 

I think the kids table had the most food on it, they master the art of ordering on iPads better than adults but they also know when to stop. 

Cooper shared some crab with me. He was really enjoying the crab and shrimp. Don't worry, it was all cooked. 

A mid meal icecream cone break. 

Coop was still eating shrimp when we were done. But that's okay he'd already had his ice cream cones. 

Such a fun day. 

Any day that I wake up to pictures of Lizzy and Logan is a very very good day. 

You certainly don't have to meet someone in person to love them with all your heart. 


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