Sunday, 3 January 2016

Luke's hockey game & Cambridge lights

The day after Max's game shown in yesterday's blog, I got to see his brother Luke play. Very little falling down in this game either. A lot of fast exciting hockey. 

Luke beside his dad who is a coach. 

They won!  Well done Rangers!

The next Monday Pari and two other friends, Louise and Vicki and I headed over to Cambridge for more fun Christmas light hunting. 

I broke out the tree filter

Passing by a church

Then I tried the candy cane. 

I love trying to get the lights to blur. 

We saw some cool trees on the top of a hill and figured there must be a very cool house underneath so we set off to find the house. 

But first...

We were pretty much laughing all evening. Vicki is laughing not crying. 

Once more around a few blocks and we found...

The house!

Later we found an eye

and the leg lamp from the A Christmas Story movie!

A few more candy canes on the way home. 

Thanks Pari for all the Christmas lights a girl could ask for!

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