Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Snowy birds

Today was a beautiful blustery day. And the birds thought so too. 

But first another round of these heroic roses. 

It was a little warmer around the back of the building except when the wind picked up. 

I'm not sure why I seem to see more birds on blustery days. They sure aren't delicate creatures. Maybe they're at the feeder house when it's cold because they need to eat more to stay warm. 

I was very excited to see blue Jays!

There were quite a few House Finches about today. 

And cardinals too. 

I think female cardinals are some of the most beautiful birds. 

There was even a wood pecker. 

And a friendly little neighbor. 

Apparently female blue jays don't look that much different than males. 

It's not all that easy to manual focus in this weather but it's fun to try. 

I probably sat out longer than I should have but my ear has stopped tingling so I got away with it. I'll be better covered next time. The birds just never stopped, every time I set off to go there was a fresh tweet and someone posing :-)


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