Monday, 25 January 2016

Baby and toddler roundup

In a sort of happy synchronicity both baby Logan and baby Autumn had photo shoots today. At least I saw both sets of pictures today. 

But first Autumn's cool shades on a trip to build a bear. 

This cutie has no trouble expressing herself. 

Both Lorelai and Lizzy continue to be great big sisters. 

And twins a few years apart. 

Love Logan's hats. 

Let's go Aberdeen!

Rebekah has travelled out west to Calgary and had a triumphant tour of the zoo. 

She's a natural for the stampede someday!

In other news Cooper bumped his noggin and had his first black eye(s). 

We'll have lots more Lizzy and Cooper soon cause I'm gearing up to look through some of the pictures from last summer at Bingemans when they were operating an ice cream truck. Beware the cute. You have been warned!

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