Sunday, 10 January 2016

Dana's surprise party

So we've had quite a weekend!

Dana's husband Chris threw her an amazing surprise party! He and Henry have been working so hard on it and it paid off royally. 

I'm only posting a few of the pictures here, trying to show you the people you might have idea who they are - Dana has a LOT of friends, but you can see all of the pictures here:

The party was at Chris's brother's restaurant/bar/night club Jane Bond. It was such a perfect spot. 

I loved watching the awesome sign go up. 

Dana's brother Todd with the Y!

I have a video of the surprise but it took place in a zone that really needed some light so this is my best picture of that part. I think it's visible because Melissa's phone flash was going off. 

I followed Dana around like a puppy taking pictures. So much fun. Again you can see them at the link above. 

I broke down and started using the flash. Not sure why I'm so against that, a lot of these turned out okay. I'm just usually such a fan of natural light. 

Something really special happened this past week. Melissa had the idea to make a cousin video for Dana. Since Dana is a big Guns n Roses fan she chose Sweet Child of Mine and we made a special version for Dana. Melissa put all our videos from Scotland, Calgary, PEI and locally together seamlessly and rewrote the lyrics that you can see a few pictures below. You may never see the video if you're not very immediate family, as we have, how can I say this kindly, varying degrees of singing ability, but we put our hearts into it. I know I'm an aunt not a cousin so I appreciate greatly the honour of participating. I will say Harry's ears went back when he heard me sing while I was recording :-) Everyone's a critic. 

Todd's lovely girlfriend Jen. 

Karen fixing the sign. 

Pretty sure Dana loved it. 

Emily singing. 

A well deserved hug for our ringleader who also won for biggest hair in the video. 

Birthday cake!

Dana's drink had a sparkler in it which apparently doesn't show up with flash. 


Jim and his daughters Annette and Melissa shared/force fed some cake. 

Such a cool place. 

Where'd Melissa go?

Dana got some singing in too. 

And a photo shoot. 

Well done Chris. It's pretty clear how much you adore your wife. 

Loved this picture of the girls looking at Henry's photos of Dana. 

Happy birthday Dana!

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