Monday, 11 January 2016

Around the house filters

Today was our monthly photography club meeting and I showed them the homemade filters I made for my camera at Christmas. I knew they wouldn't really work on point and shoot cameras so last night I went around my place looking for clear but colourful things that would work with phones or smaller cameras. 

I had the most fun with Cooper's Christmas cup that he left here. 

I stuck the camera inside too. 

I'm not sure its still a working cup after Harry was done with it. 

But it was a fun filter. 

Just before I went over today I found a bunch of Christmas loot bags and cut them up to give out. Works pretty slick with a point and shoot and a flower from Vivi. 

Our assignment going into February is Valentine's Day. Not my usual topic but I like being challenged to look in different directions. Or maybe you should just get ready for heart filters and Cupid squirrels :-) 

Today was cold but really beautiful. 

Pretty sure someone is trying to tell us not to walk over here to the gazebo. 

I didn't kick it over but I did go around it. Which is kind of ironic because the sidewalk was not at all slippery and the pylons force you to go off of it. 

I read this as "We're not going to maintain this path so use it at your own risk." 

Don't worry I won't go over if it's slippery. 

When I got home Harrison represented himself as someone that wanted to go outside into feels like -19 weather. I didn't even put his harness on. He was across the room from the door so I just held the door open and the closer he got to the door the more he started walking on three legs and shaking one paw like he does in the snow. Needless to say he never set foot in the doorway. 


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  1. Hey Ruthe - you should make a habit of entering "Weather-Watcher" pictures in the CKCO-TV category. What I am saying is that your pictures are every bit as interesting and good as the ones that get chosen each day.