Saturday, 2 January 2016

Christmas lights - Pari's house/Max's hockey

I'm finally going through my Christmas light pictures and it's fitting that the first post will include my friend Pari's house because on three different nights she drove me around light hunting and I got to see her grandsons play hockey which I enjoyed very much. This first night we went out for fish and chips, drove around looking at lights and then went to Max's hockey game. 

I played with my new snow flake filter in the traffic lights. I could have happily sat at a traffic light and watched the car lights go by but looking at houses was fun too. 

This was a tall, well decorated tree. 

But mostly traffic 

Here we are at a house on Pari's street that exudes Christmas.  

This is Pari and Dave's house. 

I teased her that the spots were begging for neighbourhood cats to come play laser tag but they didn't actually move so she's probably safe :-)

And anyway the little fox would probably keep the cats at bay. 

I really enjoyed playing with the beautiful tree. 

One more drive by of the festive house on our way to the game. 


We were early so we drove through some more neighborhoods. 

My favourite: 

Max's team played really great. I complained a little that by this age there's not nearly as much falling about like little penguins but I was just kidding and was very impressed at the level of play. 

The Rangers won the game and it was so much fun to try to take action shots! Luke's game next time. 

It got quite snowy on the way home. 

So I had the chance for another round of these. 

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