Saturday, 23 January 2016

Full moon and a squirrel picnic

Tilly was not in jail, just outside enjoying her snowy patio the other day. 

had a very fun day at IKEA today with friends. In the past a day spent walking around would have done me in but when I got home I had lots of energy to go out and chase down the full moon. 

I hate to break it to your scrolling fingers but this is only the start of yesterday's pictures of Notches's picnic. 

She had to climb up a tree when the black squirrel showed up. 

At the gazebo Notches and WB chase him off but this picnic table must be his territory so she was respectful. 

But she seemed just as happy to eat up there. 

And come down for more. 

It's kind of ridiculous how much I enjoy taking these pictures, like I said there are still more :-)

Here's a bonus non squirrel Logan and Lizzy picture  for you. 

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