Sunday, 30 September 2012

Pirate Harrrrrrry

Harrison loves this pirate hat. He sleeps in it wherever it lays.

You will tear this hat away from his cold dead paws. (Until he chooses a new favorite bed).

Harrison is obviously a very patient cat.

He looks ticked off but he was actually pretty mellow through the whole 5 minutes I had to put the eye patch on and take pictures. Which, if you've ever lived with a regular cat and tried to dress them up, is the equivalent of 5 years.

Back to the radiation treadmill tomorrow. Weekends have never seemed so sweet.

Saturday, 29 September 2012


Today I went to see my Mom. I really like this tree outside her place.

Mom looked good but was really struggling to find names for things. Like horse.

This is how we found her.

She travels as far as the hallway will allow and waits for someone to take her home.

On a more cheerful note Harrison loves this pirate hat with all his heart. He sleeps on it where ever it's put.

When we're out on the porch and I whisper chippy chippy chippy...

Harrison stops what he's doing....

and comes running!

I'm careful not to do it unless I actually see vermin but it's fun to have a cat on call!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Day 8

Yeah so you know how yesterday I was all vague about my pain? Well I still hope to keep it kind of klassy but lets face it that ship sailed with all the vulvectomy talk so let me go ahead and introduce my new best friend.

Welcome aboard sailor.

Contents under pressure is the understatement of the century. This thing puts whipped cream dispensers to shame.

Captain Foamy brought his A game and brought me both comfort AND luck at cards tonight. I made out like a bandit!

Today my favorite tech asked me a pirate riddle:

What is a pirate's favorite letter?

I guessed R and she said nope it's the C!

Love it when people play along!

Here are the grass eating pics from yesterday. Notice the actual pizza cheese worthy cat slobber in the last one!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Day 7

Behold the red donut. Yep we're entering the ouch zone. I'm not going to get into it. It has nothing to do with the pool or even really the radiation yet (though its not helping), just that I can't use my regular zinc cream for fear of a metal radiation throw down.

I was totally impressed how one mention to the radiation team of the pain and they paged my nurse and two hours later she called with a prescription from the doctor. That is some mighty fine communication in them thar hills!

One of the radiation machines was down all day but I was still in only about a half hour late and my driver waited for me! Sadly the wifi was sucky.

I have some cute pictures of Harry eating grass on my other camera and not enough sleep under my belt to download them but the reason he's eating the grass is to aid digestion. Harrison doesn't throw up very much but he made a exception today. His first rule is to wait till he's safely back in the house. Wouldn't want to mess up the out doors. Apparently his second rule of throwing up is to back up continuously while up chucking so as to leave a lovely trail across the carpet. There. He feels much better so he goes over and makes somebody - really - should - clean - this - up motions around it, and again every time he passes it. Ah well like I said only two or three times a year - Qwinnie was an every week kind of guy.

Tomorrow's volunteer driver sounds nice and I plan on sleeping better tonight. It's 7:30, time for bed yet?!

Oh and today this guy stopped our car in the hospital parking lot and gave us a story about not being able to start his car and needing a toonie for the bus. My driver couldn't hear him and I gave him a toonie because I figured he either really did have car trouble or a habit he needs to support. Either way the toonie is his and I just wanted to go home. And home my rollator and I made it even with the trunk ajar light on most of the way.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Day 6

Had a successful foray into the world of volunteer drivers. The lady I shared the ride with made me feel so grateful I don't have to do chemo. Food was a verboten topic. Timing appears to be everything and my driver spoke of leaving behind a lady because she was not ready. Yikes. I'm going to go ahead and assume/hope they have sweeper volunteers that handle things when your appointment goes over schedule, cause its going to happen like today when room two's machine went on the fritz.

Too tired to write much but just tired from a good day. It was rib night at ye olde nursing home across the way!

Yum. Then off to swimming.

Beautiful maiden hair style for a beautiful girl.

Notice my vantage point in the pool viewing gallery you'd be convinced that I was not swimming. I did swim for a bit but I took it easy and that may be the last time for a while, we'll see. I still plan on coming along to watch the fun!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Day 5

One more day in the books. No sores yet, still feeling okay, fingers and eyes crossed. Expect I've reached the "Maybe it won't happen to me at all stage." To be followed by....

I even figured out how to flush the darn self flushing toilet!

Why yes I am trying out a new app why do you ask?

Volunteer driver from the cancer society all set up for tomorrow morning but today's were still some of my favorite volunteers!

Victoria park then off to Walmart for soft baby wash cloths.

Pirate time!

One of the world's best moms looking on.

We're still working on Pirate Harry.

But he does seem to like the hats!

He likes his girls too. They still argue about who gets to scoop his litter. It's awesome!

I can't imagine there will be as many cute pictures of my driver Leon tomorrow.