Saturday, 31 May 2014

Cooper and cat walking

Tonight Henry and I tried to do the impossible - walk a toddler and a cat at the same time.

I haven't seen Cooper for a few months and he's officially turned into a toddler from a baby which is both exciting and a little sad.

Harry and I never made it as far as the playground but my lens did.

The cricket was a bit too scary this time.

Harry and Cooper both had fun walking on the curbs though I only took pictures of Cooper doing it cause I can catch Harry doing it every day :)

Maybe just a bit of baby still hanging on.

Finishing up the conservatory.

Growing outside the windows:

Coolest flower leaves ever:

This lady was standing in the fish pond looking for her arm.

Last room I promise.

I think these were my favourite non tropical flowers. They grow their own matching baby's breath. You have to admire that kind of efficiency.

Would love to have seen these babies open but I'll find them somewhere else this summer I'm sure.

The people who designed these rooms are true artists. The variety was outstanding.

It was really cool to almost have the place to ourselves. It was well run but relaxed and no one was hovering around you. I'm assuming there are cameras tucked in there somewhere making sure nobody goes crazy. Kind of hope so for the sake of the animals. Amazing place.