Friday, 2 May 2014


On our last day in Halifax I forgot my camera so ML went up and got it for me and turned it on me taking one more picture of our orange tower.

Once more up the hill. I think it should be called Treatment Hill. Thousands of people walk up it every year facing treatments that are tedious and painful because they are choosing to live.

After our successful springing of ML at the hospital we stopped again at our favorite jewelry stand in the lobby.

It was cool because Heather would make up anything you wanted custom order while you waited or had your appointment.

One more picture beside ML's favorite tree. If anyone ever wants to buy her a tree this is the kind it should be!

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

we actually hit the right elevator button for a change!

We said good bye to the room of the afghans...

some very special people...

and had one more supper, this time with Philip.

Then we hit the road.

Past the cutest bank ever.

And goodbye at the airport.


Lots of time and lobsters to kill in the airport.

Clearly a missed selfie opportunity:

But I was already embarrassed enough because I'd unknowingly snagged and dragged their wet floor sign through the whole store with my over loaded rollator. It wasn't till I'd actually left the store with it that they said something :)

Caught just the tail end of the sun once we were up.

Then nothing till Toronto.

Much quieter landing than with the thirty minutes of screaming baby in turbulence on the way into Halifax where it was so windy there were waves on the runway.

The silence coming home was very earnest, like we were all helping the plane land with our rapt silent attention. My camera clicks were very loud.


It seems impossible to me that whatever this is will be huge by fall:

This foxy one...

Must've said something that set this one laughing so hard she fell over:

Really happy to see some robins again.

Cooper is finding wearing hats hilarious these days

And Lorelai tried out blueberries today!


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