Friday, 9 May 2014

Tiptoe to the tulips

Today I went across the street to the house that has their whole front yard as a flower bed. I hope they are ok with me taking pictures. The lady across the street sitting on her porch is unamused. I'll just keep on smiling and saying hi till she thaws or calls the police :)

It's just so nice to see a group of tulips. Even blousey ones. This year has been a real struggle for them.

Closer to home the rose bush is greening up.

Ok at this point I just want to see how the new growth is going to go about kicking the old rose off the block.

Mountain Ash from my porch:

The next two pictures are from the Public Garden of Halifax's Facebook page.

They have some really cool semi tropical stuff unchanged from the Victorian era basically because the same family paid for the upkeep for a long time and now it's become cool again to keep things the same.


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