Thursday, 8 May 2014

Be vewy vewy quiet

Looks like it will be the summer of multiple daily walks. Well until the high heat and or the mosquitos fully engage. After that it's treadmill in front of the air conditioner all the way. Looking forward to the season passes we got for Bingeman's splash park too.

The lords of the drainpipes are back full force.

The beautiful weather brings back some not so welcome friends.

First sidewalk hug of the season:

I can't do time lapse but this tree went from these hairy red things on Monday:

To this today:

These trees had the reddest leaves last fall.

Pretty cool to see leaves unfolding in another tree.

From the looks of these mower tracks left today we have the same yard crew rodeo clowns as last year. They sure have a good time.

Have to do my best never to get caught outside with Harry when they start mowing. He's terrified inside much less out.

I went out for another walk after supper and when I got back Harry was raring to go out again too.

Apparently dusk is the time for hunting and I love that he doesn't feel the slightest bit hampered by being followed by a large person pushing a rollator listening to an audio book.

He's a pretty good stalker.

He's not so hot at hiding though.

But look what he flushed out!

Then a long stand off.

That rabbit stayed there for at least 15 minutes.

Worked because Harry completely lost interest.

Speaking of loud noises outside:

Pretty rude according to Harry!


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