Sunday, 11 May 2014

Botanical prelim

I hope all you mothers have recovered from your massive Nutella/cheese whizz breakfasts and Popsicle stick craft cards. Popsicle stick crafts are the best kind. Unless your husband tried it on - then it's time for him to make a trip to the jewelry store.

Harry declared me an unfit cat mother today when I left without giving him a walk. He knew it was beautiful outside and couldn't believe it when I left for Hamilton. I did take him out when I got home but drew the line at sitting and looking in people's windows after it got dark. To him it was like awesome neighbour tv but I moved him along.

I'm not going to download my camera tonight because I have a routine ct scan at the crack of dawn but here are some pictures taken by my brother Henry of me wearing my Jungle Phil hat at the botanical gardens today.

There were not a lot of trees out yet but I sure made the most of those that were!

Get ready for a whole lotta flowers tomorrow.


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