Sunday, 25 May 2014

Cat day afternoon

I timed my walks pretty well today.

I caught a few birds...

Some new flowers...

John hard at work (thank you!) making beautiful flower beds...

But best of all John pointed out Bea and Martin returning from celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary!

They were telling me how many children and grand and great children they have. I don't remember but I do know the grandchildren number over 100.

Bea will be turning 90 in a few weeks!

Harry declared it a great day for sidewalk rolling...

Loving grass...

And investigating his grate.

Leaving me lots of time to take pictures of weeds.

I don't mind when the weeds look like this.

Our little friend Kiwi waiting for his mum.

These are a new kind of white blossoms I promise :)

And a big thanks to my brother Al for pumping up my flower beds today!

Look at the beauties Knit and Purl my niece Melissa's kittens have become. I like this picture because I can use it in my ongoing quest to tell them apart.


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