Thursday, 22 May 2014

Steel city magnolias

Today is my brother Henry's birthday so I thought I'd finally post the rest of the pictures from a few Sundays ago when we went to the Hamilton Botanical gardens.

(And yes I've had that title in my head for weeks thank you very much)

Henry and Marcia

The white magnolias seemed to be further along than the pink.

Henry was taking pictures on his tablet so we could show them to Marcia's dad on the way home.

Ironically we saw a lot fuller magnolia trees in other areas.

Most of the botanical gardens are shut down for renovations but we did find these gorgeous tulips.

We ate our lunch with this lovely view.

Then we headed back to visit Marcia's dad.

Watching Cooper's squirrel video:

A really lovely day!

So I saw my doctor today and it's all good. I said thank you twice and my next appointment is in July with my surgeon in Hamilton. My cancer doctors have joint custody of me :) I see one of them every three months.

I truly am grateful to be followed so carefully.

The nice receptionist with a really bad cough at the front desk may be a hero for coming into work - she was the only one there - but she needs to not cough into her hand while she handles my health card and wrist band. I'm just saying. I guess I'm still in germ patrol mode even though ML's at a safe distance.


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