Thursday, 15 May 2014


First a little update on Mary Lynn. She has returned home from her first trip back to Halifax for a check up. Dr Kew, her main doctor who had been away since the transplant was back and was pleased with how things are going in general though the blood numbers have not risen yet. She said it might just take more time as ML's cells were quite ill. Kind of like seeds in poorer soil might take longer. She thinks that the new stem cells are still at the battling the illness stage. Hopefully soon they will get past that and starting staging a peaceful takeover of ML's whole blood system. That is what we are believing and expecting.

ML's (and now my) friend Betty went over for the appointment with her. The ferry was open this time!

They had a fun evening staying with Ella overnight and catching up with her and also took a tour of the Public Gardens.

It's a lot greener than when I left but I think we are catching up with them here now though I've not seen anyone be this daring and planting succulents or cacti outside!

ML said they were in big boxes that got buried along with the plant. Pretty cool.

I had some good news today. I found out that my latest ct scan was "unremarkable." That is a sweet sweet word! The sores continue to show up but they continue to heal too so they are not cancer.

I have begun speaking with a therapist at the cancer centre and she is being very helpful in helping me identify what my fears are and face them rather than submerge them. Because let me tell you people, fears are pretty good swimmers!

I struggle with how much to talk about them here or even face to face with good friends. But I started this blog as a way to deal with the cancer not to show my pictures. I don't mind that it's become more about the photos but it's still my place to be real.

Then I think, well young people like Emily read my blog and then I realize that young people like Emily are very very smart and intuitive and would rather know the truth than not because they figure it out anyway or worry silently.

I don't mean that I'll report every bump in the road but I'll hit the important stuff.

And I'm happy to say that at this time the truth is that right now I don't have cancer. I do live with a greater chance than others that it might return but that's something I am facing head on and being careful and mindful of but not worried about every minute because life is just too fantastic to waste.

Even when all you do in a day is laundry and walk your cat in the rain life is great.

Harry would like to report that he loves his Aunty Anne who once again has provided him with cat nip!

As you can see by the dry spot he's willing to sit in the rain for it. The Captain High Liner box it came in was a nice touch.

Can you spot the chippie? Harry didn't.

He's more into birds.

These flowers won't grow in my neighbours flower bed but they love her lawn.

We've got our own blossoms around here now :)

Hey look someone broke the law and transplanted a Trillium into our flower bed.

Huh, turns out it's not really so illegal according to Wikipedia.

"While it is a popular belief that it is illegal to pick the common Trillium grandiflorum (white trillium) in Ontario, it is actually only protected in provincial parks and on land owned by conservation authorities. However, the rare Trillium flexipes (drooping trillium) is protected by law in Ontario,[9] because of its very small Canadian population."

You can kind of see how long it's been raining by the dirt level on this plant and also how fast things are growing.

Thanks to our rain and feels like 28' humidity a few days ago you can see, touch, smell and taste things grow.

You can hear it too in the excitement of the birds about all the green!

Lorelai has not been feeling the greatest, she has a tummy bug, but she still manages to look like a beautiful flower.

Fun with a new collage app called Diptic. You can move the lines around.



  1. great blog Ruthe, thanks!

  2. the last cat wants to replace Ariel,
    but the 2nd-last cat wants to replace your aerial antenna.