Monday, 19 May 2014

Flowers, poker and the end of the rose road

Today I braved crossing the street to the "whole yard is a flowerbed house" again.

I say braved because it's a busy road and I always feel I'm in a game of Frogger with my rollator.

I'll never be a painter but with these flowers and depth of field I can come close sometimes. The only editing I am doing with these pictures is cropping.

I'm glad I liked yesterday's rose pictures...

because they were the last. Today I came upon this:

I confess to striking up a conversation while scanning through the wheelbarrow for the last rose but stopped short of actively rummaging through it.

Goodbye and thanks for the fun and motivation to make it around the building. And for showing me that beauty and strength can be one and the same.

Time for long weekend poker!

and sushi that Karen and the kids made earlier.


K-Lub's new hat:

The players:

The first Jim on the table (two threes)

The actual Jim with another Jim.

Caleb with his first cup of coffee

Ava and Henry after she ignored his good advice and won a huge pot.

Karen taking over for Mike and winning big.

The night's health food dare.

I brought this back from Halifax for Henry. He knew about Dulce but not all these other kinds.

Each colour is supposed to have different benefits.

Selfie reflection:

Karen had a commanding chip lead until the - it's 10pm on a school night all in playing started.

That's when I pushed everyone all in and took it home with my ten and two.

Ava was thinking up excuses for being tired at school tomorrow and thought of saying that she told her grandpa she wanted to leave the poker game (she'd actually been saying she didn't want to go) but that he wouldn't leave (he was trying to wrap it up.) I said she could probably just stop at poker game with her grandpa and hope her teacher didn't call child protective services :)

Aw well the next long weekend poker night will be after school's out!


Emily's awesome sidewalk art!

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