Monday, 5 May 2014

Cuatro paseos

I had 4 walks today on a day when I wasn't sure I felt like going out once. All the workout apps get deleted in a few weeks but the thought that I might miss a new flower or bird gets me out there pretty much every day.

Walk one:

There was indeed a new bird today.

I'm collecting squirrels at play for a new video for Cooper. He's crazy about them right now.

A circle for Duck Duck Goose?

We'll see.

Cooper's favorite video of mine is a little 35 second one I probably spent all of 10 minutes on that I didn't even remember making till Henry showed it to me again. I had just made it to try out an app. Cooper waits with great anticipation for the first 2 shots to go away then screams "Squirrel!" You can see it by clicking here

This motivates me to get moving on his elf book and video again.

Mr and Mrs Red were out and about today.

Walk 2:

It was actually a leash malfunction that knocked the pots over but I'd like to think it's also a protest re no catnip. Kinda like a rock band smashing up the hotel room because the brown M & M's weren't sorted correctly.

Our old nemesis the Chippie has returned!

Ah well, Harry knows he'll never catch him so back to nosing around our neighbour's porch.

We are fortunate that Mr Atienza doesn't mind!

Harry found the true Chippie hole that we were being distracted from.

The irony is that all he wants to do is pat the chippies. That's what he did with some baby field mice he found once. There is no wild left in this cat.

Walk three:

Over to celebrate across the way.

Lea is an awesome volunteer and key holder.

Alice tried tacos for the first time ever and liked them. Proud of her!

Fred and Joan were fun table mates.

Melissa is a wonderful program director and a darn good sport!

Walk Four:

After the party it was just so nice out that I talked Harry into going out again.

We got a lot further than earlier.

Very important to stop and sniff every cedar tree possible. I assume because they smell a little like pee.

Don't know what this bird was, a heron I think. It was enormous.

Completely silent except for loud flapping.

By this time we'd returned to grey sky so we wrapped it up for the day.

Harry loves me now but tomorrow he goes to the vet to get microchipped so he might not be so adoring tomorrow night :)


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